Extas Corporation, Nakahara 582-1, Suruga-ku, Shizuoka City, Shizuoka Prefecture
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To New Customers
Deep Tillage in our Industry, for the World

Since our days as Shizuoka Kigata Kogyo, we have worked very hard and long in our efforts to "create forms."

From wooden form manufacturing, we have worked with the master models for a wide variety of products from automobiles to home appliances, and for design and modeling in a variety of fields. We are able to create models and simulate them using 3D CAD and CAM. Moreover, we help our customers with the designing, forming, processing, manufacturing and casting work for a variety of models using our know-how, and then move on to mass production for them.

TThere are no national boundaries for our superior designs and state-of-the-art forming technology. Although we are based in Shizuoka, we actively seek out orders for modeling from around the world of modeling.

Because of the wide-spread use of the personal computer, we, at Extas now have increased opportunities to design and support designs using models of data and own professionals. Now, today, our experience and unique technology are beginning to play an ever more critical role on the world stage.

Representative Director Yutaka Kubota

The Origin of Extas

"Extas" is a word we created. It comes from the Greek word "ectasis" [01]which means to "grow," "make leaps," and "expand."

Did you know that all of the plastic products you see or use in your daily life are the product of wide ranging processes, including 1) designing, 2) study of the structure, time and cost, and 3) the technical ability and perseverance of staff, to come to the finished product? Among those processes, "Extas" has made daily efforts as a "prototype maker" that specializes in grinding and forming plastics.

In our present day world of consumption, where new products come and go, we think it is important that what we have designed inspire others. We hope that our products will remain in your memory. In short, these are our basic philosophies and our goals as a prototype maker.

We are just a group of craftsmen that simply love to make things.