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Privacy Policy

The following constitutes the basic policy of Extas Corporation regarding the protection of personal information.
All our employees are aware of the importance of personal information management and of their responsibilities in this respect, and this awareness informs all our business activities.

1. Collection and use of personal information
This company employs established and legitimate methods to gather personal information pertaining to our customers for the express purpose of, and only as necessary for, supplying products and services. The information collected is used only within the limits necessary to execute this goal. Prior notice will be given of any use of personal information that exceeds the designated purpose of use.

2. Handling of personal information
All personal information provided by customers is administered in conformity with the company’s regulations on the protection and management of personal information.

3. Provision of personal information to third parties
All personal information provided by customers is retained by the company and will not (with the exception of where such disclosure is required by an agent under contract to this company or under the law) be made available to a third party without the express consent of the customer.

4. Disclosure, revision and deletion
Customers are at liberty to request the disclosure of their personal information. Customers may also request the revision and/or deletion of such information consequent upon disclosure.

5. Inquiries
Please contact our General Affairs Division for any inquiries regarding the Privacy Policy.

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Extas Corporation
TEL: 054-285-7888

-Purposes of Use of Personal Information
Personal information obtained from the customer will be managed appropriately according to thePersonal Information Protection Law, and measures will be implemented to prevent the information from being leaked outside the company. This information will not be provided to third parties.

The purposes of use are as follows:
Sending information to the customer concerning products and services, keeping track of attendance, management of membership and membership fees, member analysis
Please be aware that the following information may be posted within the facilities or on the website:

  1. Name, division of employment and other relevant information within records of events, competitions and exhibitions
  2. Name and number of visits
  3. Photographs taken at events
Inquiries concerning purposes of use:
Extas Corporation
TEL: 054-285-7888